Natural Bliss Massage & Spa
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About the Practitioner

  •     Darya Mcneal,  Licensed Massage Therapist.
  •      - Graduate of American College Massage School 
  •     - Reflexologist 
  •     - Certified in Prenatal Massage Technique 2015
  •     - Hot Stone Therapy Certification 2015 


I have over 5 years of massage training and experience. I believe that massage is the key to health and well-being. My specialties include hot stone therapy, pre natal massage and reflexology, receiving special certifications for these techniques! 

I am a firm believer that hands can heal. My passion is working with clients who want to over-come pain and soreness to live a happier, healthier life. 

The purpose and drive of my business is to create a place within the clients environments where peace and relaxation can dwell.  Massage therapy should be be a journey for the client to better themselves. Allow me to take you on this journey and you will be amazed how much better your muscles feel after one session!



 Kristen Smith, Licensed Massage Therapist

I believe that massage is very important and beneficial for our health, not physically but emotionally and mentally. With that belief I trained to be the best therapist that I can be for the benefits of my clients. I am also a certified Master Level Reiki Practitioner. My main focus is deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy to help with back, neck, and shoulder issues.  I feel that stretching helps my clients in their day to day life to keep those muscles relaxed. I plan on continuing my education so that I can focus on more modalities that are beneficial to the clients well being. Let me help you relax or work on those problem areas.